Albino Kingsnake

Albino Kingsnake

COMMON NAME: Albino Kingsnake
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Lampropeltis getula californiae


A completely albinistic snake has pink eyes and lacks all the dark colors usually evident in the normal pattern of the species to which it belongs, this is known as an absence of melanin. Albinism probably occurs to the extent of one-tenth to one-hundredth of one per cent of the population.

Albinism is the result of recessive genes which is believed to be caused by unfavorable factors during an embryo’s development.

Niche: These individuals are more easily seen by predators due to their lack of camouflaging coloration. They are generally more fragile and do not see well.

Habitat: Due to their lack of camouflage, they don’t survive in the wild; they are bred in captivity for the pet trade.

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