Grey fox

Grey Fox

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Urcyon cinereoargenteus

The grey fox has rather short legs, which it uses to climb trees in order to get food or seek refuge. Secretive and mostly nocturnal, the grey fox is an excellent hunter. They can measure 21-29” in length with a bushy 16” tail. They can weigh 7-13 lbs. The grey fox has a silvery-grey coat with conspicuous patches of yellow, brown, rust, or white on the throat and belly. Black-tipped guard hairs form a dark line down its back to the tip of the tail.

Mating begins in January and 3-5 pups are born in February or March. Pups will begin to hunt after 3 months.

The grey fox is the most common fox in California, mainly populating coastal or mountain forests at lower elevations. They rarely dig their own dens. Instead they will rest in crevices, under boulders, or in hollow logs.

Their main diet consists or small rodents, birds and berries, but they will also eat insects, eggs, acorns and fungi.

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