Docent Opportunities

CALM Docent Program

Over 150,000 people visit CALM every year and your participation in their experience while with us will grow their appreciation for the flora and fauna of the Golden State.  By deciding to become a docent you will take a step toward learning more about wildlife and encouraging others to explore your love of nature and the splendors that is holds. We create multiple opportunities for visitors of all ages and backgrounds to have meaningful experiences at the zoo. We invite you to feel connected, committed and curious in our wild classroom. Joining a team of Docents here at CALM, is becoming part of CALM’s legacy.

Docents are volunteers that are teachers by training.  This course is designed to prepare you to use the zoo’s materials, animals and methods to conduct educational presentations, guided tours, animal enrichment, research, and touch yard experiences. You will share information with students, teachers, families and even the infants.  The experiences you impart may begin a lifelong appreciation for the efforts of zoo’s and their commitment to the world’s wildlife and the animals we are privileged to care for every day. You will also have the opportunity to grow the Docent team through your participation in committee activities.

Download the CALM Docent Application

Docent Categories

CALM Docent Program - Open to ages 18 and older.  Attendance required at all sessions.  CALM docents provide public interpretation programs utilizing Ambassador animals from CALM’s Animal Care Department.  CALM Docents also present Bio-fact materials. As CALM representatives handling wildlife, you will receive training in handling, presenting, classification, conservation issues and participation in the CALM Animal Enrichment Program, Children’s Park touch yard operation and handling of a variety of CALM’s trained wildlife ambassadors in a public setting.  Following graduation you will be required to perform as a docent at minimum 4 hours each month for two years.

Bio-fact Docents - Open to ages starting at 13 years old (limited animal handling is conducted by Bio-fact Docents) Upon completion of training there is a one year requirement  to perform at the zoo as a Bio-fact docent for a  minimum of 4 hours each month.

If you or someone you know are interested in the CALM Docent Program, you can download the application and submit it to the California Living Museum office at 10500 Alfred Harrell Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93306

2017 Docent Training TBA.

Download the CALM Docent Application

For more information, please call 661-872-2256.