Field Trips & Assemblies

CALM’s mission is to teach a respect for all living things through education, recreation, conservation and research. We will gladly assist you in teaching the state science standards to your students. The California Living Museum (CALM) is now accepting reservations for school field trips and assemblies.

Bring your group to the Zoo

We offer discounted rates to the zoo for school groups: $4.00 per child and $6.00 per adult

One adult is required for each 10 students and 1 per 5 for Kindergarten and Pre-K. 

The fee includes:
~ Admission to the zoo
~ Wildlife program with the CALM staff
~ Reserved pavilion area for lunch or snack

For basic zoo visit, prices are $3.00 for children and $5.00 for adults.

CALM also offers grab bags packed with great items from the gift store.

This is a great option for schools that don’t have time or availability to let their students visit the gift store during their trip to the zoo. These grab bags save time and provide a chance for the kids to take a piece of CALM home with them.

$3.00 or $5.00 grab bags are available for each student. Bags are subject to variations while supplies last and prices are subject to California State tax rate.

Each bag  includes a mixture of low priced items such as pencils, animal cards, small plastic animals or a smashed penny with a CALM animal artwork and logo.

If your school is interested in making arrangements to have the grab bags ready on the day of your field trip, please contact Jordan at 661-871-1883 or email to

Please allow at least 1-2 weeks notice in order for the bags to be ready.

Bring the Zoo to you

If you are unable to come to the zoo, CALM also offers a traveling education program which includes ambassador animals for your school assembly. Topics and times vary for different grade levels, but all are designed to meet the state science content standards and include four to six ambassador animals. The fee for the first assembly is $225.00 and an additional $195.00 for a second assembly following the first. There will be a $.60 per mile charge for each mile to and from the school site.

For a more intimate program for your students, CALM will bring the ambassador animals to your classroom (up to 30 students). The fee for a classroom visit is $115.00; include a second consecutive classroom visit for a reduced fee of $100.00. There will be a $.60 per mile charge for each mile to and from the  school site.

Thank you for considering CALM to enrich life science and conservation for your students.

Click here for Field Trip & Assembly Pricing

To schedule a field trip or school assembly, please feel free to call:

Jordan Reed at 661-871-1883 or email