Jojoba Bush

Jojoba Bush

COMMON NAME: Jojoba Bush
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Simmondsia chinensis

Jojoba becomes a dense, mounding, 6 -10 foot evergreen shrub. It has gray-green, leathery leaves that can orient their surface vertically to reduce the amount of exposure to the intense summer sunlight. Male and female are separate plants (dioecious). The female plant produces a fruit, sometimes called goat nut, which is valued for its oil.

It grows in gravely slopes and washes Sonora Desert, dry slopes bordering Mojave Desert

Jojoba Bush Fruit:
Cultivation: Grow jojoba in full sun and will drained soil. Moderate irrigation will help young plants; no water is needed once established. It will accept late summer pruning. The dense foliage is effective for visual screen or windbreak. A good foundation plant for a cactus or succulent garden,

Early uses: The nuts were eaten raw. The nuts were ground, the meal was boiled then strained from the liquid for a warm drink.