Frequently Asked Questions

What is CALM?
The California Living Museum exists to display and interpret native California animals, plants, fossils and artifacts to teach a respect for all living things through education, recreation, conservation and research. Located on 14 park-like acres, CALM’s zoo features over 80 species of unreleasable animals. Only animals injured or who cannot survive in their native environment are housed at CALM. Natural exhibits include: an open black bear exhibit, bird of prey exhibit with hawks, owls and eagles, a mammal round that houses bobcats, and several species of foxes, a waterfowl pond with resident mallards attracts spring and fall migrants, deer yard, an underground reptile house, and a contact area with domestic animals. Several endangered species may be seen on exhibit.

The path through CALM takes you through several replicated plant communities. Walk through the “Trees of California”. Follow the stream through a riparian habitat. See brilliant flower blossoms in the desert community that belie its usual drabness. The butterfly and hummingbird garden attracts these insects and small birds with ongoing and colorful blooms.

The DiGiorgio Education Center, which is the visitor’s first stop, houses the gift store, a reading library, Miocene and Pleistocene fossils, and children’s discovery rooms with rotating interactive activities.

CALM provides education to more than 13,000 Kern County school children annually through on-site programs. Another 60 programs are presented off-site to classrooms, organizations and community events.

The California Living Museum is a permitted rehabilitation facility and has a staff trained to care for injured wildlife. The primary goal of rehabilitation is to release the wildlife back into their natural habitat.

Does CALM sell food?
We sell snack chips, crackers, and candy. There are also two drink vending machines onsite.

Can we bring our own food?
Yes you can bring your own food and drinks into the zoo. There are many picnic tables available.

Can we bring our own pets to CALM?
Pets are not allowed on the zoo grounds with the exception of licensed service animals.

Does CALM have wheelchairs and strollers available?
Wheelchairs and strollers can be rented for $2.00 in the CALM gift store. All rentals are based on a first come first serve basis.

Does CALM host birthday parties, weddings or other events?
Yes. Please refer to the rental link found on the home page or call Jordan Reed at 661-871-1883.

Does CALM pick up injured animals?
CALM is not licensed by the state of California to rescue or go out and pick up any animals, however the zoo does have a licensed rehabilitation facility and will accept native California wildlife that are injured.

What do I feed a baby bird?
Most people want to take care of orphaned baby birds, but it is illegal for you to do so. THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR AN ORPHANED BABY BIRD IS TO PUT IT BACK IN THE NEST. It is a myth that if you touch the baby bird the mom bird will smell your scent and abandon her baby. Birds have a very poor sense of smell. Momma bird is the one best suited to raise her young. If you can’t get the baby back in the nest, you may call the zoo for instruction. 661-872-2256.

House sparrows, rock doves, pigeons and starlings are not native bird species.