CALM’s Wildlife Rehab Center

CALM’s Wildlife Rehab Center (CWRC) exists to aid in the rehabilitation and release of sick, injured, or abandoned California native wildlife. With the aid of the CALM Foundation and a matching grant to get us started, CWRC has released thousands of animals back to their native land and given sanctuary to hundreds of animals that were deemed non-releasable


How Wildlife Rehabilitation Permitting Works

It is illegal in the state of California for anyone without a proper permit to handle/raise wildlife. In order to receive proper permission from the state of California, a process of eligibility needs to take place through the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). This process can take several years and, depending on the wildlife species, may require more than one permit. CWRC cannot release any wildlife to individuals/facilities not in possession of proper permitting.

Capacity Limitations

Each year CWRC sees over 800 animals through our doors. In order to give the best care possible to the admitted wildlife at CWRC, we apply strict capacity limitations on the number of animals we can have at one time. The more concentrated care we can apply to our admitted wildlife, the better the overall success rates of healthy releases are possible. If we are at capacity, we will refer the public to other rehabilitation centers that may be able to help with their specific case.

CWRC Permitting allowances

CWRC was created to aid in California native wildlife rehabilitation and release and thus our rehabilitation permit through California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) reflects as such. CWRC is only permitted to accept wildlife species that are considered native to California with the exceptions of a few species listed by the CDFW. CWRC can only accept wildlife that is injured, sick or orphaned. We cannot accept healthy wildlife, big game mammals, domestic animals or nuisance animals that were captured as means of pest control.

Animals outside permitting

If your animal falls outside of our permit, we will work to get you connected with another center. See Resources tab for other rehabilitation centers in California. For a list of common, but non-native species that are outside of our permits, CLICK HERE.