What to expect when volunteering

What Volunteering at CWRC Is:

  • A chance to aid in the rehabilitation and release of hundreds of CA wildlife species.
  • A chance to bring awareness to wildlife needs throughout Kern County.
  • A way to make lasting friendships and connections with the wildlife community in Kern County and beyond.
  • An opportunity to learn new skills in wildlife care and conservation.

CWRC receives over 800 animals yearly with a variety of needs. You will encounter animals in a variety of life stages and often aid in the care for animals with traumatic injuries. Volunteers will assist in cleaning, diet prep, animal care and release. It is important to note that volunteers will only interact directly with wildlife after they have received proper training and passed skill assessments. These skill sets are evaluated directly by our CWRC Keeper team and are dependent upon a volunteer’s ability to meet specific requirements.

Volunteer Commitments

We require that CWRC Rehabilitation Volunteers commit to a minimum of one 4-hour shift per week. Volunteers who are unable to meet this requirement will be moved to an inactive status and asked to reapply for the next season Volunteer Training Course.

CWRC Volunteer Training Course

CWRC offers two rehabilitation volunteer training courses yearly. Training courses occur in the early Spring before baby season and early fall. Training courses are mandatory for all volunteers. Applications for volunteering are due two weeks prior to the start of training. Due to the amazing number of volunteers CALM receives, applicants that miss the deadline for training applications will be asked to reapply for the next season’s training and will not be admitted into the current program.

Please note that the CWRC Volunteer Training Course is for CALM’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and not for CALM Zoo. To learn more about volunteering at CALM Zoo, please visit calmzoo.org/volunteer.

Next Available Volunteer Training Course: August 2021.
Applications will post at the beginning of July and will be open for 2 weeks.