Ways to give

We rely on the generous donations from people like you to continue to keep our center open! CWRC is a nonprofit rehabilitation center and your donations benefit us in all aspects of the wildlife healing process.

Ways to give

A financial donation to the CALM Foundation supports native wildlife conservation, research, and education for school children and the community. No donation is too small; every penny counts!

Click the button below to make a financial donation:

Where your money goes

With a variety of species coming through our doors, a variety of diets is critical for recovery. From fruits and veggies to mice to meat of all styles, each animal requires a diet that leads to a strong release candidate.

Veterinary Care
Each animal that comes through CWRC receives top of the line medical care from a licensed veterinarian. Donations help cover the cost of X-rays, ultrasounds and medication to ensure a speedy recovery.

Enclosure Repair and Expansion
With every year, our wildlife numbers grow exponentially. With that comes the need for more enclosures. Flight cages, medical holding areas and outdoor test yards are just a few examples of where wildlife transitions as they move closer to release.

CWRC strives to work with the public to teach about the importance of wildlife in our backyard. Your donations help make those programs happen!

CWRC loves produce donations! Here are the items we use most:


Endive, kale, chard, turnip greens, mustard greens, bok choy, arugula


Apples, bananas, berries (frozen is best so they don’t spoil quickly), grapes,


Zucchini, squash, broccoli, bell peppers, corn, carrots, yams


Amazon Wish List

When animals are released back into the wild, we are always looking for areas that aid in their success. To become a release site, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Land is privately owned.
  • Neither hunting nor trapping of wildlife occur on the property
  • There is a year-round water source available.
  • There is plenty of vegetation and trees.
  • The property is at least 50 acres and is not near high traffic or highly populated areas.
  • You are willing to let CALM staff perform a site visit to determine which animals will be best suited for land.
  • Owner is willing to give access to our staff to release animals on site (this will always be done with notice)
  • You agree to allow the wildlife released in your area to remain wild.

If you would like to become a release site and meet the criteria above, please fill out our RELEASE SIGHT form below

Protected Release Site Application Form